Thirty years ago there was no burning bush, no pillar of fire; thirty years ago there was no star shining in the east; there was only one man with a pull on his heart; an unction, an anointing on his life. This man, Dr. Kenneth R. Greene, founding and organizing pastor of M.E.T.R.O.: Christ’s Church, checked into the Marriott Hotel in North Dallas for a time of solitude with God. With a heavy heart and unanswered questions, he lay prostrate on the floor seeking God’s will and direction. He got up with a vision from God, “Go...plant”.

In June 1988, Dr. Kenneth R Greene and his wife, Mary, invited seven individuals to their home in Dallas, TX to discuss the probability and practicality of forming a church. During this meeting, individual hearts united in faith and cast their lots to follow the vision of Pastor Greene – affectionately known as “Doc”. And the miracles began with the formation of M.E.T.R.O.: Church of Christ with nine founding members in June 1988. M.E.T.R.O. is an acronym for M—Magnifying God; E—Edification; T—Training; R—Reaching Out; O—Organization.

After much prayer and hard work, the first Sunday in January 1989 was an incredibly exciting event—the grand opening of M.E.T.R.O.: Church of Christ! Our first Sunday service was held at 4650 South Hampton Road on the second floor in the Professional Plaza building in Dallas, TX. Sixty-nine adults and twenty children attended. We began inviting friends and neighbors who were not plugged into a church. Worship services continued at the Professional Plaza for 17 years with an increasing number of people attending each service. At the same time, small groups started meeting in different homes. These groups were, and continue to be, places where people can meet with others to learn who God is and to grow spiritually. Based on deep and honest spiritual relationships that have developed in these groups, Dr. Greene realized that church could be more than a worship service and Sunday school. Church should be the church, a dynamic environment where people’s lives intersect more than just once a week. Church should, be the church, a place where people know each other, where they love and care for one another and point each other to God in good times and bad.

After 17 years of serving the community in south Oak Cliff in November 2008, God blessed us with an opportunity to purchase and move to our new worship place (450 E. Parkerville Road, Cedar Hill) and new opportunities to serve the community. The name changed to M.E.T.R.O.: Christ’s Church went into effect in January 2009. This change is an important event in the church’s history, and we are enjoying all the benefits that were hoped for. The ministry of this church is impacting our community and the world for the cause of Christ.

In 2018 a new mission statement of the church became “The church where the Holy Spirit leads the way!” We should praise God daily for sending us the Holy Spirit. Why? Because as we read in John 16:13, “When He, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.”